All photographs are taken by Eolake on January 20, 2000, with a Nikon Coolpix 600.

This is the kitchen of my current apartment.
And here is my living room and working space. There is a small bedroom I could have converted to a study, but I haven't done that so far.
A funny little lunch shop. This is taken around noon.
Believe it or not, this structure on Princess Street (by the castle) is taller than any Danish church I have seen, and yet it is not even a building, it is a monument! For some guy named James Scott, as I recall. (Must have been some kind of guy.)
Princess Street has modern shops on one side, and a big open space to the other, accross which is the Castle, and a few things like this monument.
South Bridge. Four busses in a row. And on the other side of the narrow street six others have just passed. Somehow I liked that.
A very typical street scene from West End, with a very typical bus and taxi. While in Denmark the taxis are always Mercedes for some reason, here a taxi is a special kind of car. I find them... funny. Interesting. Something. Also the busses and taxis in Copenhagen are all from the nineties, but here they all seem to be from the seventies at latest.
Edinburgh Castle. It is more impressive than such a small image can convey. Especially since it is build so high. I can't imagine how many millions of man-hours it must have taken to build that thing. But then, until the airplane was invented, nothing could touch it!
The street where I live is not really pretty, but in the right light...:)
Many houses downtown have these dug-outs in front. To me they look a bit... I don't know, forbidding. Or slummy.
George Street, parallel to Princess Street (which is the stable point you can orient yourself from in Edinburgh).
The Castle again. I haven't been photographing for years, but it seems it is like riding a bike:)
On the open side of Princess Street, here is one of the older citizens. He reminded me a bit about Edinburgh itself: Very old, and not all in good condition, but very nice and of good spirits. And not always easy to understand:) (What with speaking Scottish and not having a single tooth in his mouth.)