I run the Stobblehouse Bookshop in association with Amazon.com, the worlds largest bookstore.

I started this relationship because I had long been impressed by the speed, the service, and the possibilities of shopping in Amazon.com. It is secure, it is fast, it has the best service, the most books, and it has a lot of features impossible to create anywhere else than in "cyberspace". I had already had a link to them on my very exclusive links page long before I built this bookshop.

When you have read about a book on this page, and you decide to buy it, or at least check out price and so on, you click on the "To Buy" link, and you are immediately transported directly to Amazon.com, on the page with the relevant book, and if you buy they will handle the sale and the shipping. You have, of course, several chances to change your mind.

Don't forget, books make the best gifts!

I built this bookshop on one principle only: What I like myself, and can recommend. This means that what you read about books here will be opinion only, but it also means that it will be good, honest opinion.

I don't write long, complex descriptions of each book, for that is usually supplied at Amazon, often along with other readers' commentaries.

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