Eolake* Stobblehouse was born in the sixties in a small town in Denmark. His father was a house painter, and his mother an artistically inclined bohemian out of Sweden.

From early childhood, Stobblehouse exhibited a keen interest in philosophy, technology, and not the least art. He studied the various techniques and disciplines of fine art avidly, and when he got a camera at age 11, he got absorbed by the possibilities of the medium of photography.

He also maintained an occasionally-successful career as a fine arts painter and draughtsman.

Beyond that, Eolake Stobblehouse is a writer, writing science fiction short stories, and is writing about art and Macintosh computers for various magazines. He is published in the USA, the UK, France, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Italy and Spain.

He says:

"My life's ambition is an understanding of how art and aesthetics work. What is this thing we call beauty, why does it affect us so profoundly?"

Stobblehouse has several sites beyond this one, all concerned with creativity or aesthetics:

WhatMeArtist, which contains most of the tangible results so far available from his research in aesthetics.

MacCreator, for creative computer users.

ES Thoughts, a blog.

DOMAI, a site and club celebrating the beauty of woman. (note: contains nudity.)

*Eolake is pronounced in straight English. Accent on the E. Short O. 'Lake' like the English word 'lake'.

Eo means the earliest or the original of something.
Lakin or Laik comes from old English "to play" or "move around", and further back from old Norse, "toy" or "baby".
Stob means, in old Scottish dialect:
(1) a stick, broken off twig,
(2) a stump, the remainder or remnant of a rainbow
Stob-thatch - roofing consisiting of broom or brushwood laid across the rafters.

... So if we want to get poetic about it, Eolake Stobblehouse would mean "The original child, son of the rainbow, living with the spirit of play in a thatch-roofed home." But that would be rather high-flying.



"Knowledge and beauty are the food and drink of the spirit."
- Eolake Stobblehouse.