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This is the home page for the varied aspects of the work of Danish artist, photographer, and writer Eolake Stobblehouse. (Biography)
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"... your web sites and the sentiment that they express are simply inspiring. It seems to me that yours is a voice of pure joy and fascination at the wonderful ability to create and to enjoy art and the aesthetic experience. Your photos and art site has renewed my faith in the powers of art to transcend the cynical world that seems to be forever circling around us like a horde of marauding savages." - Daniel

"Knowledge and beauty are the food and drink of the spirit." - Eolake Stobblehouse

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"No, I was referring to you Eolake. You are indeed one of my favorite artists, not just because of your work, but because of your aforementioned openness to sharing your creativity, thinking and knowledge with the public-at-large. I am privileged to know several talented artists, but it seems the majority of them aren't too keen on sharing their talents (beyond the final products of their labor, that is). So glad to see that you enjoy sharing your soul with others, as I believe it promotes the overall idea that we are are meant to be "shared" as human creatures. I don't know, maybe I'm romanticising your life too much, you just seem like such a beautiful person. Douglas S" -

"...renaissance man Eolake Stobblehouse, who is variously a professional painter and photographer, webmaster and essayist at the MacCreator Website, and who also runs an online fine art instruction course on his Website." - Charles Moore

The Eppie Award was given to Eolake Stobblehouse and his co-authors for the science fiction book Unravelings