Here are some of my photos of women.
Mother, Bettina, Malene, Mette. (The last three are all friends, and wonderful women and friends.)

mother1.jpg Mother2.JPG bettina1.JPG Bettina2.JPG Bettina3.JPG
burgerking.jpg 39.jpg Malene2.jpg Malene3.jpg Malene4.jpg
Malene5.jpg Malene6.JPG Malene7.JPG Malene8.JPG Malene1.jpg
MetteHand.jpg MetteKnee.JPG MetteThough.jpg 27.jpg MetteSitting.jpg

Special editions:

Big Mette

Soft art Mette (thanks to Laurie Jeffery)

If you like these, you'll love DOMAI



Here are some of my later nudes
(super-large versions)