[Note: this single page is basically an archive of pre-web art, with a few newer additions. And I've kept the design of it like I made it in the mid-nineties, just for fun. When you have perused it, go to stobblehouse.com for more.]

Stobblehouse Art Home is a base for those who love aesthetics in the broadest possible sense, and who are interested in how they work.

I have lived by and studied this subject for all my existence, and I wish to share the enjoyment and what knowledge I have gained.

Any communication to me is gladly received.


Art Meets the Computer One

Art Meets the Computer Two

The Compleat Artist


Two Kingdoms

Dog Days

Just Don't

December Morning

Sugar Domino, an erotic novel



The Good Time Blues

Do Not Grieve

What Of It

All is well


And these pictures:

New: old scans of my postcards set One.

New: Postcards set two



psalm69 (ode to Ministry)

Mette Churchwindow

The Swan and the Swine (Drawing made for a stage event. Digitally colored later) (145k)

Mixed gallery


local tree


evening shadows (fireway)

Apple tree

2girls (Won a first place in a competition)

Bettina (portrait of a friend)

Zadis (portrait of a friend)

Memo (portrait of a friend)

Bettina Two

Bettina Three

Bettina Four (Sitting on a mill stone)

wave (Won gold medal in a national competition)

"B/W" (from Copenhagen)

mom (Almost won me Danish Championship)

"Portrait of the Artist as a young man" (honorable mention in national contest)


"Tin Roof"

Newest digital art:

no2.gif Sunscape
eye2.jpg The Eye
sangirl1.gif San-Girl

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