Responsibility and the Golden Age
By Eolake Stobblehouse

Mankind is currently in the middle of possibly the biggest spiritual renaissance in history. It has been going on for many decades, but has accelerated a lot in recent times, especially since the late eighties. There are literally hundreds of books written in the past decade about how spirituality and science are now meeting in the middle, to a new awareness of how we are all of us taking part in the creation and the control of the universe, of our own bodies and even way beyond that.

It is a tricky subject. Most of us get strong emotional reactions to such statements. We know damn well that we are not gods or anything like that. We know that we are just small particles blown about by the winds and the whims of the big, cold universe. We know we are victims.

Responsibility is a frightening thing. And "with big powers come big responsibility", as one of the good ole superheroes likes to point out. What if we are not really small helpless victims who deserve all the sympathy we can get when we whine about the government and how the rest of the big cruel world does us in? What if in reality we are really running the show from a secret little place hidden away in our mind, and if we really wanted, we could take over that power, and potentially change not only our own lives completely, but also have big effects on the world beyond? Yes, very scary indeed.

Yet also exhilarating... what if shirking our responsibility does not really relieve us of it, but instead buries it underground, where it becomes a nasty zombie monster which we have nightmares about in the night, but which only became a monster because we tried to kill it? What if a "big responsibility", when accepted boldly into our lives is not anything scary or negative at all, but a thing as natural as breathing, and indeed even very easy to live with? Indeed, what if wielding your superman-like powers and responsibilities can one day seem kids' play?

The interesting thing about this particular spiritual renaissance is that this time it is not just coming from a few nut cases and hard core philosophical fringe groups. It is not just spiritual teachers in lotus positions who tell us that "you are creating the universe". This time it is coming from all kinds of places. And this includes hard core scientist.

Yes, that's right. In the past several decades, more and more top-rank scientists, including Nobel Prize winners, have started talking about how there are energy fields outside the areas we normally have recognized as "physical" and how life force seems to be one of them. They have talked about how at a sub-atomic level (quantum level) the universe does not follow traditional (Newtonian) rules, and things can be more than one place at once, and super-light speeds are attainable. They talk about how the observer in ACTUAL EXPERIMENTS have measurable influence on the outcome of the experiment, just by the expectations he holds in his mind!

In addition, many, many experiments have been carried out by both scientists, mystic groups, and Eastern and Western religious groups, many of which show beyond any reasonable doubt that prayer or meditation (in other words, deciding on or expecting a certain thing to be true) DOES IN FACT influence the real world in a very measurable way. People are affecting the healing of other people with illnesses in double-blind studies, and they are affecting the crime rates of major areas by their minds.

I frankly will not bother to document all these things here, for they are documented in literally hundreds of books. If you go to your favorite online bookstore and do a few searches, you will find them. Some are written for scientists, others are more accessible for laymen.

This revolution is huge. I have long had no doubt that almost all the ills of mankind (the four horsemen of the apocalypse: War, Famine, Plague, and Italian Pop Music) are mainly based in a mechanistic view of the universe. If you are just a meat machine, and others are only upright animals, who cares what you do to them? If you die when your body dies, who cares about the effects of your actions in 500 years? If you are the whipping boy of the world, who can blame you if retaliate with a few morally doubtful actions of your own?

Not to mention, if you have no clue that your thoughts, your emotions, and most of all your expectations are the very thing which are creating your life, in the big and in the small, then obviously you will not be aware that it is probably not a good idea to expect a whole lot of undesirable things to happen to you! You will not be aware of the amazing things you can make happen just by thinking and feeling.

The long and the short of these developments is: we are not in Kansas anymore. And when this hits the mainstream consciousness for real, I doubt we will even be on the Earth anymore, as we know it. The fun is just starting!

The culture is flooded with interesting sources about these subjects. I have compiled a shortlist of favorites:

What The Bleep Do We Know?
A very popular film indeed, for good reason. It introduces many of these concepts in a concise way, and it does it very entertainingly indeed, a great trick to pull off!

Shortcut To A Miracle
By Michael Rann and Elizabeth Arrott
A hugely important book. It succeeds in two areas where most others have failed: an easily readable introduction to how science plays a role in this philosophical revolution, and the closest thing I have seen to practical ways of actually changing your thoughts and your life in the direction you want, and to bring about miracles.

The Game of Life and How to Play It
by Florence Scovel-Shinn
An amazing little book, from 1925! which tells of these phenomena with great clarity.

The Holographic Universe
By Michael Talbot
A great book for understanding how our view of the universe is changing, from a fixed physical view into something more like a hologram.

The Trick To Money Is Having Some
By Stuart Wilde
This one is limited to the metaphysics of money, but is brilliant in that area. Wilde is a card, and his later writings are as wild as his name, but this one is a favorite.

The Field
By Lynne McTaggart
An excellent and respected book about "the field", the source of energy that may be behind everything, and how we ourselves may be part of that.

"Knowledge is the food of the spirit, and beauty is the drink." - Eolake Stobblehouse