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Jana Pope or Jana Uriel

Radio Interview

If you understand Czech, or just want to hear how she talks (fast!), then listen to the interview.
A friend, Miro, send me this interview. I got it translated for my personal joy, and thought it would be a favor to the world to post it. Thanks to Pavel and Daniela for the translation from Czech. [The numbers refer to the time in the interview.] - Eolake

Interviewer: Which programme are you performing with now?

Jana: With the cosmic one, the cosmic rebellion, high time, always, forever, cosmosexual, insurrection, /time 0.25/ this year.

Interviewer: So, everything is new, and what about your popular single –Ve stínu kapradiny? Will our listeners hear it again?

Jana: Well, I can sing it for them ( she’s singing) /0.34/ ( and then continuing in a low voice and says:) and this the Martian version.

Interviewer: So, you have a new Martian version, now?

Jana: Yes, in the Martian language.

Interviewer: So, you ‘re performing something new in the Martian language, aren’t you?

Jana: Yeah, and not only in the Martian language, but also in all cosmic languages including high frequency, beating rapidly, roaring, booming = complete sensation!!!

Interviewer: How many concerts have you had here in Bohemia so far?

Jana: Well it depends. We are not able to count it, because we had a cosmic tour before. In other planets, you know. We’ve just landed…..

1.00 Interviewer: And how did your audience welcome you with this new style?

Jana: Well…, the rescue team had been prepared. One half of the audience was taken away, one half was shocked and they haven’t recovered from the shock, yet. And the rest became ill later. (laugh)

Interviewer: Do you have enough time to meet your friends and relatives, here?

Jana: Of course, everybody is my friend. The whole Universe is my friend. We are a big family, aren’t we? Damned – Universe mates…

Jana: I’ve heard about you that you are a vegetarian and that you have a completely different lifestyle. Is that true?

Jana: I’m trying to live from the air, but it is so polluted, that it’s simply impossible. So my food is: some apple or pear…

Interviewer: The air is thick here. It’s a bit strange, isn’t it?

Jana: Thick? It depends where, you know. I’m planning to live from the air in five years or so. Everything else are only corpses. We simply don’t eat….. well, we don’t make graves from our stomachs! So we eat the apple, pears and vegetables…

Interviewer: No meat then…..?

1.57 Jana: No, definitely NOT!!! We aren’t cannibals!

Interviewer: And what about your future plans? Are you planning to continue this kind of music?

Jana: I have the best plans and expectations. Everybody does so, don’t they? Because we are immortal spirits, no, not everybody. Everything can be only better and better! And everybody can change only for better and better and brighter and also wilder.

Interviewer: Wilder? So it will be wilder and wilder……

Jana: Of course this mildness……..(laugh)

Interviewer: Who plays with you?

Jana: Cosmic people. We have two guitarists, one is /2.26/ - a vegetarian vampire, who loves carrot and then, there is the other one /2.30/ - a guitarist too, - vegetarian body builder – Pavel Trnavsky. Jirka Hrubes alias Jesus Christ incarnated, a rock musician and bassist/2.43/, and than me as a heretic. And then there is this boy who videos everything who is called…….. /2.52/ /2.54/ . We have lots of friends /2.56/ as …. etc. ETs are floating all around us in every dimension. There a whole lot of us.

/3.01/ Interviewer: How do you like England?

Jana: What? I like this planet as a whole. It’s so interesting here, on this planet, the gravitation is so huge! There is a lack of anti-gravitation and it is the problem on this planet. Too much substance, yes. People let the substance attack them. But there is also fun on this planet. It’s the second most fun planet after Mars.

Interviewer: That is great. So, you have a completely new philosophy.

Jana: I have always had this philosophy, but they didn’t publish it, before.

Interviewer: What do people appear to you here, after your comeback?

Jana: Gorgeous! Still the same! (laugh) . There is a new generation, which doesn’t have anything to do with a calendar age. The generation can be ninety, but also three years old. Simply a new generation.

Interviewer: You mean a new way of thinking?

Jana: Yeah, the way of thinking is different. And this is our potential audience. And they are superb, spontaneous and they come to see us everywhere we are. And, in fact, we do everything this for them! Sensation!!

3.50 Interviewer: Have you got a message for our listeners of Radio Cerna Hora?

Jana: Sure. Fly and scamper in all dimensions. Don’t let yourselves to be influenced by the materialistic dimensions. Be happy, take everything easy and enjoy your current life, because it’s not your last one! (laugh)

Interviewer: Thank you very much!

Jana: Ciao

Interviewer: So, you’ve heard it, be happy - it is the most important thing. It was Jana Kratochvilova in her current image.

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